Pomona was founded by KAFFA GROUP PTY LTD and officially became established in Australia, in 2009. Inspired by the Greek fruit and gardening fairy POMONA, our focus is to do our best in manufacturing and supplying fresh products by only using natural ingredients. Pomona doesn’t use any preservatives and additives because we consider the health of our customers. We are not only mindful for the health of our customers, but we also take pride in a high quality flavour for all our products. Our products are mainly categorised into powders, syrups, fruit puree and dessert sauces. Pomona covers all types of drinking beverages, allowing future options in creating a new menu for any situation and any time. With a fast growing rate, Pomona now facilitates to over 500 independent stores, franchises and food distributors. We look forward in growing more rapidly in the near future because we guarantee our customers will be satisfied with the quality of our products.